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About Masjid Yusof Ishak 

Masjid Yusof Ishak is the 26th mosque funded by the Muslim community through the Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF). 

Opened in April 2017, Masjid Yusof Ishak is designed with unique architecture blending traditional mosque characteristics with Nusantara heritage, while also addressing functional requirement. Islamic motifs and Nusantara pattern are prominently used throughout the mosque. 

The mosque takes after the name of Singapore’s first President, Mr Yusof Bin Ishak, and is one way to honour our first President and his distinguished contributions to Singapore, especially his role in promoting harmonious relations in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation. 

With numerous facilities to cater to the needs of the elderly and more spaces dedicated to family praying area, we hope to cater to the socio-religious needs of the Muslim community in the north. It is also designed for the community to fully utilise all its spaces, with multi-purpose hall, conference room, a sizeable auditorium, seminar rooms for teaching purposes as well as a roof terrace catering to different purposes. 

We hope to organise and facilitate the wide range of programmes at the mosque, which will reflect the spirit of our first President and everything he held dear. This includes being inclusive and harnessing diversity and multiculturalism. It is fitting therefore that the Mosque also houses the Rahmatan Lil Alamin (RLA) Foundation, located at level 4, which nurture sand promotes the ethos of blessings to all. 

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President Yusof Ishak

Mr Yusof Ishak, who was appointed Singapore's Yang di-Pertuan Negara six months after itgained self-government in 1959 and named the first president of an independent Singapore in1965.


Mr Yusof Ishak was born in Perak on Aug 12, 1910, the oldest of nine children. He attended Victoria Bridge School (now Victoria School) for his primary education before entering Raffles Institution, where he was one of 13 students and the only Malay in the Queen’s Scholarship class. He missed out on the scholarship by a few points.


Mr Yusof not only excelled in his studies but he was also a good athlete, representing RI in many games including hockey, cricket, swimming, water polo, basketball, boxing and weightlifting. As a boxer, he won the Aw Boon Par cup in 1932. In weightlifting, he became the national lightweight champion in 1933.


In his 1968 New Year message, Mr Yusof said: “No man need feel that to belong to a particular religion puts him at a disadvantage or gives him an advantage... This is how things are in Singapore and this is how things must always be in our country. Only in this way can a multiracial society like Singapore live in peace and prosperity.”


He died of heart failure in Nov 23, 1970, at age 60 while still in office, and was buried at the Kranji State.


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